Formed in 2009, The Rodeos is a Rustic, Folk, Mestizo, Punk band from Tokyo that combine Japanese melodies with strong rebel lyrics. This year the band did their debut at world famous “Fuji Rock Festival” and the band is ready to visit Korea where they are going to do a series of gigs that will include “Zandari Festa”.

Tour Dates:

Open/Start: 20:00 / Tickets: KRW 25,000
Address: 337-27 5, West Gyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Info: Senggi Studio +82-10-5354-0193 /

2018.10.04(thu) SEOUL・HONGDAE @ CO-VENT 「Asian Focus」
THE RODEOS (Japan)・etc
Open/Start: 17:00 / Tickets: TBD
Info: Co-Vent +82 10-3317-3390 /

2018.10.05(fri) SEOUL・HONGDAE @ ROLLING HALL 「Zandari Festa 2018」
Open/Start: 17:00 / Start: TBD / Tickets: 
Zandari 3 Days Pass ? 70,000 KRW / Zandari 1 Day Pass ? 30,000 KRW
Special Package (showcases,conferences,sp stages,party sages,opening/after party)
1Day ? 50,000 KRW / 3Days ? 100,000 KRW / Early Bird ? 70,000 KRW

2018.10.05(fri) SEOUL・HONGDAE @ STRANGE FRUIT「Fight For Rights SP in Seoul」 
Open: 19:00 /Start: 23:30 / Tickets: Free Admission
Address: 330-15, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Info: Strange Fruits +82 2-333-2919 / 

2018.10.06(sat) SEOUL・GURO @ ANYANGCHEON MAIN STAGE「Guro G Festival-Rock in Asia 2018」
THE RODEOS (Japan) ・lightcraft (Indonesia)・The Colors (Mongolia)・Iman's League (Singapore)
Open: 11:00 / Start: 15:00 / Tickets: Free Admission
Info: Guro G Festival +82-2-2620-7986 /

The Rodeos ホームページ

THE RODEOS「狂わない秒針」


The Rodeos (bio)
Teamed up in 2009, the band officially started as The Rodeos, mainly focusing on street gigs in front of the Kichijoji station in Tokyo. With the sounds derived from the world music such as Russian Folk and Celtic Punk, they have the distinctive style of expression with inlayed Japanese melody and strongly written lyrics. Gradually extending the performing field from the street scenes to live venues, they released their 1st album ‘The Rodeos’ from Diwphalanx Records, a representative record label of Punk, Metal and Psychobilly music in Japan. Touring around 20 places through the country, The Rodeos performed from North in Hokkaido to the South in Okinawa for their 1st album release, and drew enthusiastic response from the scenes of Punk and Rustic Stomp, the original genre emerged in Japan. During the tour as well, they continued performing in front of the Kichijoji Station. (With the strict restriction of the Japanese administration and police towards street live performances, this is an extremely difficult thing.) In 2014, The Rodeos released their 2nd album ‘Uncontrollable!’ with the strong message towards the government’s response to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster which still has not converged yet, and to the further familiar issue to the band itself, which is the strict restriction of musical performances in the street scenes in Japan. On the release of this album, they performed a guerilla live show at the train platform in Kichijoji Station for their music video, which generated reactions all over the country, increasing the total number of views to up to 1 million in just a week. From around this time, their opportunity of performing at live venues with the capacity of 500~1000 people and outdoor music festivals started to increase, and they gradually broadened their performing field to other scenes as well, not just Punk and Rustic Stomp. In 2016 The Rodeos visit Europe for the first time and did a series of shows in Catalonia, Spain and Basque Country. 2018 has started with their debut at Japan`s largest rock event “Fuji Rock Festival”. This year the band is planning to visit Korea and do a series of gigs that will include “Zandari Festa”. The Rodeos has worked and toured with international artists such as: Yuriy Gurzhy aka Rotfront (Germany), Esne Beltza (Basque Country), Txarango (Catalonia), Skakeitan (Basque Country) and many more... The Rodeos will cntinuing on performing lives nationwide and currently they are eagerly promoting their 3rd album!

協力: Zandari Festa/Guro G Festival/Eastern Standard Sounds/Senggi Studio/Strange Fruit/
Co-Vent/Radical Music Network/Fight For Rights/Rebel Fiesta Party/Clandestino/Pachamama/


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