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「Special Edition in Seoul」

Japan`s oldest rebel music event "Radical Music Network" will land to Seoul for the first time ever with a big lineup of artist from Korea, Japan and Basque Country. Hongdae get ready for the full front assault called Radical Music Network!

  Open/Start: 18:00 / Tickets: ? 20,000
Address: 330-15, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul.
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・Radical Music Network・

・Strange Fruit・
Address: 330-15, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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LOWDOWN 30 (South Korea)
Lowdown 30. A name that has an overwhelming presence in the Korean rock music scene. Centered on Yoon Byung-joo, one of the most famous guitarists since the 90s, during the cataclysmic period of rock, bassist Kim Rak-geon, who supports the band with his unwavering performance, and drummer Lee Hyun-joon, who combines sense and skill, reign in a position that cannot be matched. Drawing on blues and hard rock orthodoxy and embracing the diverse musical styles of the time, the music of the Lowdown 30 has carved out the band's more than a decade of history with a variety of layers of slow but heavy pressure. The sticky yet sober sound of the Roydown 30 on their first LP [Jaira] (2008), with the cynical title "Just Another Indie Rock Album", evolved into a more powerful energy on their second LP in three years [1] (2013) through collaborations with hip-hop or clubtune. Their progress continued with their third LP [B] (2017), in which Lodown 30 produced an intriguing song that casually blended contradictory elements into one, grandiose yet concise, heavy yet hooky, evil yet cheerful, smirking yet warm, and the Korean Pop Music Award for Best Rock Album. "Even After Half a Day" is a new single that breaks the three-year silence from the third album. From the introduction of the powerful pressing to the fiery guitar playing on the heavy riff, it is exactly that of the Lowdown 30. But the rhythm that splits from the middle is that of beatmaker and producer Ryan Cladd. Following on from her previous collaboration with jazz cult player Kim Oki, Ryan Cladd's involvement in breaking away from hip-hop's typicality by unraveling his weaving samples with pad play is a choice that shows the direction of Lodown 30, which refuses to stay in any archetype, and the second half, where her anomalous rhythm blends with Yoon Byung-joo's emotional guitar melody, is unique and good. The current music scene discussing the end of rock. But still, the existence of the Lowdown 30, which is slowly but non-stop climbing its steep path, shines brighter as a center that encompasses the past, present, and future. [??] ?? ?? (Lowdown 30 - Get lowdown!)

WILLIS DRUMMOND (Basque Country)
Basque alternative, grunge, indie rock band. 7 albums, hundreds of concerts, performances in festivals such as Azkena Rock Festival, Big Festival, Sonorama, Hatortxu Rock, Monkey Week, EHZ alongside with Placebo, Mars Volta, Black Sabbath, Satanic Surfers, The Offspring, etc ... A tour in France with the rock band Detroit, which opened the doors of the Zenith and the mythical Olympia in Paris. Worldwide tours in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Thaiti, Japan, Australia and a hundreds of SOLD OUT during tours and concerts presentions around the globe... WILLIS DRUMMOND is without doubt one of the most active and recognized bands in the Basque scene today. A rock that we could too easily classify in the tradition of these predecessors (Negu Gorriak, Kuraia, Berri Txarrak ...) but which is enriched with influences from the 90's scenes of Seattle or Washington DC (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Fugazi ...) and Australian rock from yesterday and today (ACDC, New Christs, The Drones ...). It is not strange that they entrusted the production of their last albums to the Australian producer Burke Reid (The Drones, Courtney Barnett)…

DJ TXAKO (Japan)
Txako is Asia`s first female DJ for Global & Mestizo Beats and a member of the legendary DJ`s collective Caribbean Dandy. One of the pioneer female DJs in Asia, she has performed annually at Fuji Rock, Japan`s most important music festival, for more than 12 years in a row as well as performances at big festivals like Esperanzah World Music Festival (Catalonia), Rototom Sunsplash (Spain), Vive Latino (Mexico), Ariano Folk Festival (Italy), DMZ Peace Train Music Festival (Korea), Playtime Festival (Mongolia), Festival Actual (Spain), Asagiri Jam (Japan), Clownia Festival (Catalonia), Stepping Stone Festival (Korea), Urban Nomad Freakout (Taiwan), Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic (Spain), EHZ Festibala (France, Rrandom Music Festival (Spain) and many more. Also has worked and toured with international artists such as Rico Rodriguez, Fishbone, The Beat, Flogging Molly, Roy Ellis, Manu Chao, Gaz Mayall, Angelo Moore, Fermin Muguruza and many more. She has performed for audiences of 15,000 or larger, always leaving fans hungry for more. She has also been a huge influence on DJs throughout Asia and Europe. So kick up the volume, stand back and get ready for the full frontal assault called DJ TXAKO!!


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